20/20 Interactive Design - Graphic Designers, 3D Animators, Programmers, Internet Marketing Experts, and Dreamers. Together we focus your website on what you do that is unique or exceptional in a way that supports your goals for success. We combine creativity, practicality and the latest technologies to create your ideal online business identity.

If you have a vision, a plan and the determination to see it through then contact us to find out how we can help you reach your goals.


"Anyone who has lost track of time when using a computer knows the propensity to dream, the urge to make dreams come true and the tendency to miss lunch." Tim Berners-Lee

At 20/20 Interactive Design we aim to develop websites that give visitors that great first impression.

We have a transparent process:

  1. We listen to your ideas for your website.

  2. We chart out several possible directions we can take to create your new Web site. You choose the plan that matches closest to your ideals and your budget.

  3. You send us your content, text and images and we create a first draft of your main pages. When you are satisfied with the results we move on to the Production Phase.

  4. The Production Phase is where the Web site is fully developed. All elements, graphics, and content are incorporated into a fully functioning website. When you're satisfied with the results we move into the Countdown Phase.

  5. In the Countdown Phase we complete the final testing and make any necessary adjustments, double check the details and prepare the Web site for its final 'Launch Date'.

We structure our fees two ways:
1.Project or Flat Fee

1. Project or Flat Fee proposals are based on the number of pages we estimate it will take to accomplish all your expectations. Graphic design and animation work are included in this price. This allows you to know the bottom line of what the project will cost from the beginning. Project or Flat Fee pricing also allows us to focus our services on the specific areas where we can add the most value

We offer a 10% discount to community service and nonprofit organizations. Discounts are in effect for the full year after the completion date for the project.This means that for the first year after the site is completed any additional pages you need will have the same 10% discount applied.

Our normal pay schedule consists of 50% due before the Planning and Design Phase begin, and 25% due when the Production Phase is completed. The balance is due on completion and launch of your website.


2. Hourly
When a client is not ready to commit to a complete project and/or the project is unpredictable, we work on an hourly basis. Our hourly rates are competitive and in keeping with the professional services we provide. With our unique knowledge and specialty expertise we can usually solve a client's technology problems better, faster and cheaper than other website developers.

If your budget for the Web site won't cover remaking of the entire site at this time, we can develop the most important pages first, we require three pages minimum to get started. This way you can benefit right away with the smart look, feel, and navigation of a professional Web site.

Please call us to see if this could work for you and let us know when you would like to begin. Then we can start to build a Web site that will truly reflect the professional image you want to project.


Contact us now so we can start to translate your vision into reality


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